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    News — Ocean

    UAE Ocean Film Festival 2019

    UAE Ocean Film Festival 2019

    With it's 2nd year running, we're bringing the Ocean Film Festival to Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa. In partnership with Azraq Middle East, we're awarding creative filmmakers (has to be a resident of the UAE) for their love of the ocean and storytelling/filmmaking abilities. Join us as we come together and share our passion for the Ocean, whether as spectators or filmmakers, this evening will be something to remember and be a part of.


    Date: December 14, 2019

    Time: 5:00 pm GST

    Place: Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa



    For the FILMMAKERS


    Rules & Regulations are as follows:


    Theme: Ocean

    Length: 2 to 7 minutes

    Entries: Regional and International

    Type: No restrictions. Can be fiction, documentary, musical, observational, doesn’t really matter as we just want to see what the Ocean means to you.

    Tech Specifications: 1920x1080 HD, Royalty free Music (MOV, MP3 or MP4), not more than minimum 2GB

    File Name: YourName.TitleOfFilm.mp4 (ex. SurfHouse.OceanFilmFestival.mp4)

    Deadline: All entries must be submitted on or before November 30, 2019


    1. People’s Choice Award* – a film will be chosen by the audience (voting done online on site)
    2. Judge’s Choice Award* - a film that is chosen by our participating judges
    3. Ocean's Choice Award* - a film that is chosen by representatives of Azraq


    *All Awards will be announced at the event and will have special prizes from our lovely Sponsors


    Submission Instructions

    1. Submit your entries by using wetransfer.com
    2. Attach file with proper file name
    3. E-mail all entries to events@surfingdubai.com
    4. In message field kindly put in the following details:
      • Name
      • Contact Details (Mobile and E-mail)
      • Title of Film
      • Short Description of Film