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    Our mission is to get you into the best surf, with the least crowds, in the most beautiful places to create memorable experiences. 
    Surfing, yoga and free-diving.
    All of which requiring us to be in the present. When practiced in relation to each other they are highly complimentary and create a high sense of well being. 
    With the serene setting of Mozambique, both on land and in water will enhance your connection with Mother Nature.  


    Mother Nature calls the shots, we play the hand. With a range of activities besides surfing, this trip will be a Waterman's heaven. From surfing in the morning, to freezing and fishing at lunch followed by a sunset surf.



    March 15th - 21st 2024
    May 18th - 24th 2024

    Where Are We Staying?



    We are joining John McCarthy, former professional surfer and lifeguard, free diving coach and his team in Ponta Do Ouro, Mozambique. Staying in his upmarket Ocean Child Villa, overlooking the main point.  

    With the top skippers, surf guides and dive masters, you are certain to score. 




    What Makes This Adventure Special

    This adventure is seasonal, running from January through to the end of May. This is because this is both prime surfing and freediving season.


    Expect crystal clear, warm water with uncrowded waves. The main break is a long sand bottom pointbreak good for both begginers and advanced surfers.


    In the ocean we will dive with Bottle Nose Dolphins, turtles (both Humpback and Leatherback), sharks (Bull, Ragged Tooth, Tiger, Blacktip), Manta Rays, numerous fish species and pristine coral reefs.
    The freediving we practice has nothing to do with competition, the entire focus is on meditation and on interaction with marine wildlife.
    We will share our learnings about how to communicate with the creatures in the ocean by the language we speak with our bodies underwater.


    We make a decision on what to do based on what the ocean is telling us. On most days we will surf, freedive and do yoga, but if for some reason the ocean is unsafe we'll focus more on yoga on that day.
    Philosophy Mindful Adventure

    Uncrowded surf and wilderness exploration go hand in hand. Yoga, surfing and freediving are complimentary activities. 

    Interacting with wildlife, be it on land, or in the ocean, is a profoundly humbling and grounding experience. 

    Surfing in all its forms is a conductor of positive energy and a conduit to an amazing sense of well-being. 

    Yoga is the single biggest gift you can give yourself.

    Freediving is as much an adventure into the marine wilderness as it is a journey into oneself.

    Adventure is food for the soul. 


       Ocean Childs Motto

    Nature calls the shots; we play the hand. 
    A cooking, empty lineup is priceless. 
    Be prepared to ride everything.
    Whatever gets you on the mat.
    Dive safe and be respectful of the wildlife. 



    For bookings click HERE and enquiries contact 
    Whats not included?
    - Flights, Visas, Travel insurance etc.