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    The Surf House carries a range of both surfing and stand-up paddle equipment for the beginner through to intermediate and advanced.

    All our gear has been specifically selected for conditions of the Arabian Gulf.

    We stock for rent:

    - Hard & Soft Surfboards of all sizes.

    - Stand-Up Paddle boards in a range of sizes.

    - Kayaks for flat day ocean use. 

    When entering and leaving the surf house, we greatly appreciate the use of conservative clothing out of respect to the UAE and islamic culture.



    Price VAT inclusive (weekdays / weekends)
    1 hour 
    AED 80 / AED 90
    2 hour 
    AED 135 / AED 155
    All Day
    AED 300 / AED 350
    Price VAT Inclusive
    1 hour single kayak
    AED 100
    2 hour single kayak
    AED 175
    1 hour double kayak
    AED 150
    2 hour double kayak
    AED 225
    All day single/double kayak
    AED 350