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    Surf Kids is a group lesson dedicated to getting out in the water and teaching the core surf, SUP and teamwork skills as well as incorporating some fitness and fun games and activities to get your surfer active. 
    Along with this we build up their confidence in the ocean through educating kids and creating a loving and respectful relationship with nature and the environment around us. 
    Surf Kids consists of 2 programs, Learn To Surf and Surf Development Program 
    Course Start Dates: 
    Learn To Surf: 18th September 2023
    Surf Development Program: 19th September 2023

    Learn To Surf

    Learn To Surf (LTS) is a 12 week course that is run as an after school activity each term. We tailor our Learn To Surf program to revolve around fun, the development of ocean confidence & skills and establishment of foundations for long term surfing ability.
    The program will consist of learning the fundamental skills, safety and knowledge to take someone from never stepping foot on a surfboard, to consistently catching their own waves and able to turn both left and right.
    Not only will they learn to surf, they will also be learning and developing skills in many other areas such as: 
    Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) 
    Surf Lifesaving 
    Ocean + Environmental Awareness
    We have 3 age groups for Learn To Surf program: 
    5-7 Year olds 
    8-11 Year olds
    12+ Year olds
    Learn To Surf schedule: 

     Surf Development Program 


    Surf Development Program (SDP) is a more intensive surf coaching program for those who already have a good understanding of the fundamentals of surfing and are progressing into learning manoeuvres as well as those who have graduated from our Learn To Surf program and are now ready for the next chapter in their surfing journey. 
    Going into more detail than before to take your surfers skills to the next level and helping them become the best surfer they can be.
    The program will consist of:
    Surfing (when there are waves)
    Video analysis
    Surf Skating (skateboarding to improve surfing) 
    Surf Development Program schedule: 
    Package Price Vat inclusive
    1x Per Week AED 1,350
    2x Per Week AED 1,850
    3x Per Week AED 2,350
    Whatsapp +971507963076 for more info.
    Your surf instructors are all qualified lifeguards and expert surfers. All have accreditation in Level 1 Surf Coaching, ILS and first aid certificates. Our team is hand picked for their passion and enthusiasm for surfing.
    All our boards are soft, safe, stable, specifically designed for beginners. We also provide rash vests and wetsuits to keep you warm all season. 
    Our lessons are run according to the International Surfing Association (ISA) standard. These lessons are tailored to suit the novice through to the intermediate surfer. Our instructors are in the water with you helping with paddling techniques, catching waves, standing up, and manoeuvring your surfboard. As well as in-water instruction, our lessons teach surf safety and understanding the oceans’ elements.
    Our lesson packages are valid for one term and one term only. 
    There is also a no refund policy. 
    Please arrive 15 minutes prior to lesson time, not earlier as your Coaches might be in the water with a previous lesson.
    If you are more than 15 minutes late from the actual start time given by the coaches, you may not be able to attend nor can your lesson be re-booked. This is due to missing the safety and equipment brief at the beginning. Entering the water without this knowledge puts everyone at risk.  
    ** Surf House Dubai has the right to cancel, change time and postpone lessons due to unfavourable conditions that may cause health and safety issues, as well as health and safety conditions relating to illness and injury.