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    Ripples of Hope: A paddle for the SOS Children's Villages

    Ripples of Hope: A paddle for the SOS Children's Villages

    SOS Children’s Villages, in partnership with Surf House Dubai, is
    preparing a family stand
    -up paddle and kayaking challenge on
    September 30
    th and a more competitive challenge “around the World
    Islands” sometime December 2023
    . All registration fee payment and proceeds* will be donated to the charity to help children's villages in Palestine. 

    *minus transaction fees, VAT and board rental fees


    IACAD PERMIT # PRHCE-001390826


    SOS Children’s Villages is a non-governmental, social development organization which supports vulnerable children without parental care and families in difficult living conditions through services in care, education, health and emergency relief, and advocates for the rights of children and young people, in alliance with a great diversity of partners. SOS Children’s Villages works in more than 130 countries and territories, reaching over one million children, young people, families and caregivers each year.



    The first event will be open to families, individuals who are looking to do a simple paddle from Sunset Beach to Burj Al Arab and back. 

    Date: 30 September 2023 (Saturday)

    Time: 6:30am - 8:30am

    Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced

    Route: Sunset Beach to Burj Al Arab and back


    Inclusions for registration:

    • Event T-shirt
    • Attendance for one (1) SUP*
    • Goody bag from Sponsors
    *Since this is a family event and a short paddle to the Burj and back, we can allow 1 adult and 1 child in 1 SUP, if parent/guardian would like to do this (but please be careful)

    We will be having a briefing dinner on the 28th September, 6pm at our cafe Single Fin Dubai. A set menu will be available for purchase, feel free to come to the dinner even if you can't make the paddle as we have a surprise in-store for all that attends.

    Event Tee Mock Up below: 


    The next scheduled charity paddle will take place around December of this year with our annual Around the World Charity Paddle, which is more geared towards seasoned and advanced paddlers. 

    Date: TBD

    Time: 6:30am - 2:30pm

    Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

    Route: Sunset Beach, around the world islands and back



    We could not have made this event possible without the support of our sponsors and assistance from Breitling Middle East, Rip Curl Middle East, CROWN Worldwide Group, The Captain's Club, Hero Boat Tours, Sea & Sol, Loud Mood, Rapt Media and Sun Zapper UAE.

    Our Original letter to STAB's UAE article

    Our Original letter to STAB's UAE article

    (Photos by Max Physick [IG: @laybackvisuals])

    When STAB posted an article, ’Should the UAE buy the WSL', it naturally had us intrigued. The article that followed spoke on the opening of a KS Wave Pool in the region, to be 'Surf Abu Dhabi' - Big news on home turf.  

    After the first IG post on the Surf Abu Dhabi announcement, we couldn’t help dive into some of the comments. Amongst the dialogue on the post, there are wild and fascinating opinions being dropped in response to the new wave pool being built in a 'non-surf' part of the World. 

    'Non-surf' part of the World is maybe a forgivable mislabelling for the uninitiated but always does give us a smuggish chuckle.  We held ourselves back from getting into it on the comments, but couldn’t help feeling a sense of responsibility to shed a bit of light on the subject, so we ended up writing something. Not sure if it would ever find a home or reach an audience interested to read it and surprising enlightenment it may have brought-  it just felt good to do, even if for our own personal cathartics. 

    We eventually figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to leave it with the editors at Stab. Long time fans of their work, we felt pretty happy it would be in good hands. Fortunately they were interested and reached out straight away, open ears and brimming with curiosity to find out more. We had a good chat with them and the article followed. For more of the backstory, here's our original letter below:


    "Chiming in to add a bit of background, fill in some context and hopefully shed a bit more light on the recent news of the Kelly Slater Wave pool being opened in Abu Dhabi, the neighbouring Emirate to Dubai and capital city of the United Arab Emirates (a separate country to Saudi Arabia - just to clarify given the apparent online confusion).

    We were born in the UAE and have been surfing its local beaches here since the early 90’s. That was a time of no more than a handful of surfers contented to enjoy warm water uncrowded beach breaks 90 days of the year.


    The UAE sits in the fortuitous south eastern corner of the Arabian Gulf, allowing it to collect the best wind swell generated by winter low pressure fronts. The wave climate in the region is akin to the Gulf of Mexico with the UAE being a Middle Eastern Florida. Not quite World Class, but waves none the less, which is more than most would assume having not seen it themselves.


    We were also fortunate to have an environment were we could funnel our love for surfing into building a community business (Surf House Dubai) that would introduce others to the sport and lifestyle we cherished, even more so into our adult lives. This was a lifestyle probably far less synonymous with Dubai’s grander global image - a futuristic fast paced city steeped in opulence, where wealth is seemingly endless and Ferrari’s are commonplace. But that was ok, because it was true to us and we were happy to add another layer to the fabric of Dubai and country we called home.



    For those unfamiliar with Dubai and the UAE in general, it may or may not come as a surprise but this is a region of the world that has cracked the code on something many others still wrestle with. The UAE has created a cosmopolitan haven where hundreds of different nationalities, cultures, and ethnicities harmoniously thrive in one place. Contrary to obscure ideas that seemingly still exist, women are incredibly well respected and as all citizens, comforted by the fact that they are living in one of the safest places in the world. There are zero gender biases or limitations with regards to work or recreation. By bolstering a sense of unconditional tolerance, what you’ll pick up on when living here is that not only does everyone feel welcomed and acknowledged, but the UAE is a country that’s understood how to allow its unique multinational alchemy to breed creativity and to further the country from strength to strength. This comes from a progressive and ambitious approach to leadership. A state of the art wave pool for region where surfing was only meaningfully introduced 18yrs ago is case in point.


    We were never short of steam to keep building, as year on year, we met more and more people (from local Emiratis, to expat residents and visiting tourists) either ecstatic with the joy of finding surfing for the first time or people that moved here thinking their surf lives were over, and we could be the cheerful bearer of great news - ‘yeah you can surf in the UAE’.


    In 2009 we ran into a minor hurdle, when surfing was banned on one of the best public surfing beaches. This stemmed from the coastal authorities perceiving a danger from people swimming in the same waters as surfers with pointy nosed equipment and sharp fins. Keep in mind the UAE is a country that’s only 52yrs old with no historic ties or exposure to anything like surfing. We were able to engage a dialogue and exchange ideas on beach management for safe coexistence of both sports that lifeguards could help facilitate (think flag systems you have in places like Australia, Europe and the US) and within a couple months there was a permanent sign posted dedicated surfing zone on the same beach. This is another example of how the UAE is a young country that may not have figured everything out but is willing to learn, adopt best practice and some instances innovate to create best in class.


    Often called one of the cities institutions, 18yrs in, Surf House Dubai is a congregation of people from all over the world that love the ocean, love surfing and have connected with a style of life agnostic to any country but common to most coastlines.

    What’s really impressive is despite the lack of regular good surf, the stoke and enthusiasm of Emirati’s and resident surfers is second to none. What we would call World class, and in that sense, quite fitting with Dubai’s affinity for ‘only the best’.


    Needless to say, a UAE surfer is always welcoming to the opportunity of more and/or better surf any chance they can get. So a facility able to produce World Class waves, in a somewhat wave starved corner of the globe with a passionate and thriving surf community, makes a fair amount of sense for a number of reasons.

    Outside of the (several thousand strong) residential surfing population in the UAE, Dubai happens to be the busiest airport in the world with over 66million passengers annually. This isn’t surprising being geographic positioned quite literally in the middle of the globe, linking east with west. A quick look at the well trodden seasonal migratory paths for surfers and you’ll soon see how regularly the UAE appears on the flight path. Europe to Indonesia and Australia for starters. Having the optionality to stop over for a couple of days and surf a pool in the Middle East is likely an attractive pit stop to a London based desk jockey about to lay on his wax for the first time all year paddling out to a crowded Uluwatu line up. Dusting off the cob webs and finding one’s sea legs prior reuniting with real Indian Ocean power is an obvious bonus. But this also means, a European office man, gets a novel experience (which as a surfer is most likely on the list for something you’d hope to try at some stage) without having to burn through any more carbon credits than you already will be in your standard summer surf holiday. No extra A380, just a pit stop in passing.

    The UAE has battled with diabetes Type 2 for quite some time. Child obesity often being linked to this condition. With a limited number of ‘surfable’ days per year, we’ve always endeavoured to put a small dent in this issue by helping kids find surfing and the healthy shift in lifestyle that normally goes hand in hand with ‘catching the bug’. Given the immense amount of fun kids generally have in riding waves, we can only imagine the magnitude and speed at which local youth uptake the sport and the positive knock on effects that has.

    We’ve always been of the thinking that surfing is one of the most fun things a human can do on earth. In an ideal world, (as are most of the primary simple pleasures in life) what everyone should be able to sample at least once to see what they make of it. As we have found ourselves, riding your first wave, is an experience capable of shaping our paths through choice and perspective. Whether that’s deciding you’re going to relocate your family to a coast with better surf, changing the industries you work in, or for an 8 year old born in the Middle East that decides they want to be the first professional surfer to represent their country at the Olympics. We live in a globalised world, everyone has a right to ride a wave, no matter where you live, where you come from or what other opinions people have.

    If nothing else, hope the above may have been a useful bit of info/insight.

    Thanks guys. Have a good one."


    Click to go to the STAB article here.

    Surf House x Seafood Souq x Goumbook Beach Clean Up powered by Breitling

    Surf House x Seafood Souq x Goumbook Beach Clean Up powered by Breitling

    Together with Goumook, we're embarking on a mission to turn waste into value and restore our precious ocean ecosystems, help protect marine life, preserve the shoreline, and create a sustainable future for generations to come.

    Join us for a transformative day for our 2nd beach cleanup at the JUMEIRAH public beach on June 10th from 5pm to 6pm, as we come together for an extraordinary Ocean Day Beach Clean Up! This event is part of the prestigious MENA Oceans Summit & Exhibition, where we aim to ignite change and restore our precious ocean ecosystems along with support from our sponsors Bretitling and Seafood Souq

    As the first dedicated summit in the region, the MENA Oceans Summit & Exhibition is a pioneering event focused on accelerating the pace of ocean action. With renowned speakers, global leaders, and esteemed think tanks, we will delve into key topics that drive positive change in our marine ecosystems. Together, we will explore innovative solutions and strategies to overcome the challenges facing our oceans today.

    At the forefront of our mission is the urgent need to Save The Butts! Cigarette butts are one of the most commonly found items on our beaches, and their detrimental effects on the environment are often underestimated. By uniting as a community, we can address this issue head-on and prevent further harm to our beloved oceans.

    We invite you to be a part of this momentous occasion, where we can come together, hands-on, and make a tangible difference. By taking action and cleaning up our beaches, we can actively contribute to the restoration of ocean ecosystems, fostering a healthier planet for future generations.


    Along with the ‘save the butts’ campaign we will continue to be a collection point. It’s for all individuals who bring in a small reused bottle or small bag filled with cigarette butts, and in return your next cup of coffee will be on the house.


    For the Beach Clean up REGISTRATION LINK HERE 


    For the OCEAN Summit, register using the following HERE



    Surf House Dubai x Chris Bertish

    Surf House Dubai x Chris Bertish


    Surf House Dubai has had its fair share of visiting pros in the region, and this time we're bringing in big wave rider and adventurer, Chris Bertish, for an intimate evening in the cinemas. On 17th May 2023, we'll be having a one night only limited seating event with the man himself that set a course from Morocco (Africa) to Antigua (the Caribbean), with only himself and his stand up paddle craft. Get to know his epic adventure through the Atlantic Ocean conquering his mental and physical best to withstand 4,660 nautical miles within 93 days. 

    This exclusive event will be at Cinemacity Fountain Views, Downtown Dubai and will start at 7pm (kindly come by venue by 6:30pm). Tickets to the event includes:

    • Guaranteed Recliner Chair seating to watch the film
    • Popcorn
    • Softdrinks / Water
    • Signed copy of Chris Bertish's book "ALL IN!"
    • Free Valet Parking
    • Q&A with Chris after the film showing





    And just like that the Sunset Open is happening for this year. After a couple of hurdles on securing venue and the season being a bit lacking this year, by some miraculous fate the surf gods has blessed us with a full weekend of swell this coming 17-19 March 2023. 
    We all know its sudden but as we all know, we are slaves to the forecast. Though this year just as promised, the competition is bigger than ever, with more prizes at stake and a whole lot more involved as the community just gotten bigger and bigger.


    The tradition of the Sunset Open began in 2010. A surfing event held once a year with 3 reasons in mind:


    1. To showcase local Emirati and expatriate surfing talent from the region.
    2. To bring together the world class ocean and beach communities in the UAE.
    3. To celebrate the sport of surfing (in multiple forms of wave riding) and bring more awareness to the beaches and ocean environment of the UAE.


    It has always been held during the UAE’s most wave rich calendar months of February to March with a 5 week waiting period to give us the chance of picking the best weekend of swell in that time frame.  Falling in the back half of the winter seasons also allows surfers to have the first portion of winter to shake off summer cobwebs and refine their surfing.


    The very first Sunset Open was unsurprisingly held on Dubai’s Sunset Beach. Half a dozen picnic gazebos, a dozen outdoor garden chairs and 20 community volunteers helped put on the events first iteration and instantly became a calendar highlight of the year. It is an event that embodies the spirit of the UAE’s surf culture. Fun waves, good vibes, a close community of familiar faces and a stoke for riding waves on par with the most revered surfing hubs around the globe.


    The event has grown leaps and bounds in its national support, production and participation since 2010 (now 100+ competitors across all divisions), and we look forward to its inaugural hosting at the Umm Al Quwain Kite Beach Centre the second time in a row for this year in 2023.

    A bit of nostalgia below, showing the first ever permit to run the competition back in 2010. 


    Waiting Period: March 3 - March 19, 2023 (extension possible until May 2023 after Ramadan)

    • Surf House Dubai will be announcing the weekend, 3-5 days before, where the best forecast of swell would be suitable to run the contest. 
    • Competition will be 2 1/2 days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

    Location: Kite Beach Center Umm Al Quwain

    • Though in the past, we've done the contest at the surf spots in Dubai, we are doing it again with our partners at KBC to bring you a more organic and relaxed vibe with their venue ambience and of course tried and tested real quality waves.

    Divisions: 7 Divisions

    • Men's Shortboard | (Grand Prize: Breitling Watch | Mens)
    • Women's Shortboard | (Grand Prize: Bretling Watch | Womens)
    • Men's Longboard | (Grand Prize: Breitling Watch | Mens)
    • Women's Longboard | (Grand Prize: Breitling Watch | Womens)
    • Groms Division (12-16 years old) | (MF Softboard Surfboard)
    • Supergroms Division (7-11 years old) | (Grand Prize: MF Softboard Surfboard)
    • SUPsurf Mixed | (Grand Prize: Quickblade Carbon Paddle)



    Registration is now open for competitors and spectators. Kindly see links below as competitors and spectators have different ways of registering:

    Competitors - those who will be joining the competition will have to register with the below link. Registration includes your slot in the initial heats drawn, goody bag from sponsors, event t-shirt, wrist band for entrance to venue and 1 food & beverage stub to be used in the weekend. After f&b stub is used, competitors can avail of 50% discount on food & beverage by showing their wrist band provided on registration at the gates.

    Link for Competitors*

    Spectators - those who will be coming as a spectator will have to register in advance as entrance slots are limited to a maximum of 300 pax. For registration and more information click the link below.

    Link for Spectators*

     *Deadline for Registration will be on 15th March 2023

    This event could not have happened without the support of Rip Curl Middle East, Breitling Middle East, Oakley, Hydro Flask, Inox Arabia, Threefold Foundation, Loud Mood, Mikoko Umm Al Quwain, Post Performance, El Sol DXB, Carver Middle East, Sun Zapper Skincare , Badawii Swimwear, Omasi Beach and Purple Dye Boards.

    Many thanks to our partners and venue sponsor Kite Beach Center UAQ

    None of our efforts would come to fruition if it wasn't for the Surf Community in the UAE that has exponentially grown throughout the years ever since we started Surf House Dubai, to all of you, our sincerest appreciation and thanks. See you in the water!!!

     Camping and Overnight Options

    You may directly inquire to Kite Beach Center UAQ for camping or overnight alternatives. 

    Kite Beach Center UAQ