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    Surf House Dubai x Blue Horizon Maldives

    Surf House Dubai x Blue Horizon Maldives

    Looking for that next epic vacation with crystal clear waters, world class waves and a connection with nature & beautiful marine life? Well, look no further as Surf House Dubai brings you to the Maldives!

    We're partnering with Blue Horizon Maldives to give you that well deserved vacation you need, with a 7-night stay on a Liveaboard that will bring you to all the right places. 

    Join in for a surf trip that's for the books and that will take your mind off from all the uncertainty of the world today. 

    For more information, the nitty gritty and prices for booking, click HERE.

    Horizon 2 Surf Liveaboard (M/Y)

    Horizon-2 is a 6 guest cabin yacht catering mainly to surfers who like to surf away from the crowded areas near Male’ airport.

    Comfort and Agile Yacht, Ideal for Great Adventures!

    Horizon-2 operates in South Maldives from Feb to Oct (surf season) with domestic flights. (Besides surfing, we can do cruising and yoga trips as well).

    Horizon-2 is a value for money. Boat maintains 10 persons on open boat and 12 persons on private charters with good food ( set varied meals of Western and Asian cuisine ), free flow of unlimited water, coffee and tea and a great ambiance on the boat.

    The surf dhoni tender has a surf rack and provides surf from morning sunrise to sunset with a local guide to support you in the water.

    Snorkelling gear and fishing local style available for free. And a buffet or BBQ every trip. More than 65% are repeaters.


    Surfing x Free Diving

    Surfing x Free Diving

    Breath hold and Surfing

    How learning the basics of freediving will improve your surfing.

    This course will introduce you to the basics of freediving: in a few words, you will understand how your body is made to cope with breath hold, how it reacts and how these reflexes are triggered.

    The main difference between freediving and surfing is the intensity: freedivers focus on relaxation before a dive, surfers will exercise much more through paddling, duck dives or pop-up.

    Read more

    72 Hours in Dubai: An article from HappilyBrownn!

    72 Hours in Dubai: An article from HappilyBrownn!

    Dubai is well known for its skyscrapers, international food concepts, world class theme parks and flamboyant lifestyle. What people don't know is that there is a certain culture that has emerged not just from the foreign educated locals but also the x-patriots that seem to have added on to the normal population of this metropolitan city. 

    For those who are visiting Dubai especially on a budget, there are numerous things that you can do that involves not just sight seeing, but true and fun adventure for the thrill seeker in you. 

    The team at HappilyBrownn has written a well thought of road map to what you can do within 72 hours of being in Dubai. 

    Check on their article by clicking here.

    Fujairah Battle of the Paddle

    Fujairah Battle of the Paddle

    The first ever SUP race in the East Coast, this paddleboard race will be a fun one located in a protected cove behind Banana Island, Fujairah with sure conditions of flat waters. Join in for what is set up to be a perfect day on the 18th January 2020, with categories from Juniors, to Women’s, to Mens. 750m sprints, 1.5k Fun Race and a 4.5k challenge.  Winners will be bringing home prizes from RVCA, Sunbum, Indosole, Omasibeach and Naish Middle East.

    For registrations :

    Register at Premier Online

    Race route:

    Actual location: 


    Accomodations Discount:

    You can opt to stay the night prior to the race at Royal M Hotel Fujairah which is a quick 3-5minute drive from the race site. They will be giving an outright discount for all event goers during that weekend. 

    NOTE: Discount is only given on-site bookings and NOT online, kindly mention that you are for the Fujairah Adventures event and they will lead you towards a representative that handles the specific bookings for the event.


    J-Bay Surf Retreats

    J-Bay Surf Retreats
    Jeffreys Bay truly is the prime location to improve your surfing and have a good time while you’re at it. They have waves available for all levels of skill and experience and the experience that will be provided is unrivalled on an international level thanks to the passion, experience and local knowledge of your coach. Come experience a surf trip that surpasses all others.

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