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    Surf House X Llewellyn Whittaker Surf Workshop and Coaching

    Surf House X Llewellyn Whittaker Surf Workshop and Coaching

    Surf House Dubai is stoked to partner up with former professional surfer Llewellyn Whitaker from South Africa. He is unquestionably, the most popular surf coach in South Africa and we can all learn a lot from his 30 years of surfing experience.

    On the 15th and 16th Feb 2019, Lu will be running a 2 hour workshop (each day) at Surf House Dubai. If we're lucky enough to get waves during those days then he will also be running a 4 hour practical coaching session with video analysis.

    Join in for the workshop here.



    Little Andamans Surf Trip 2019

    Little Andamans Surf Trip 2019
    Dubbed "The land of the head-hunters" by Marco Polo, who was the first western traveller to visit this chain of 572 islands, now commonly called as Andaman and Nicobar Islands. With only 36 of the 239 Andaman Islands inhabited, the dense tropical forests support an exotic, fragile ecosystem of unique flora & fauna, preserved and protected in 96 sanctuaries and nine national parks. Geographic isolation, heavily restricted travel, mysterious Stone Age culture and totally uncharted waters characterise this zone. Geologically akin to the Sumatran island chains, the Andaman's have been on many surfer's travel wish list since being unveiled in the late '90s by surf explorers.

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