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    Surf House Dubai x The Achievher Studio

    Surf House Dubai x The Achievher Studio

    Surf House Dubai and The Achievher Studio are teaming up for weekly mixed movement classes to increase your flexibility, mobility, balance, lung capacity and promote nervous system regulation and a mind body connection for surfers and non-surfers.

    With a strong community of ocean loving men and women, Surf House Dubai wanted to be able to offer their members the chance to stay active over the summer and between swells, and with The Achievher Studio opening right around the corner it was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of their light filled rooftop space for a unique series of classes, available for men to join in too.

    • Surf Flow (Wednesday 5pm) - BOOK HERE

    Promoting flexibility, accessory muscle activation and balance this 60 minute class is a mixture of yoga and body weight movements activating the shoulders and hips.

    You’ll feel more agile, have a stronger core and its the perfect compliment to your existing strength and conditioning workouts.


    • Surf Sanctuary (Wednesday 6:30pm) - BOOK HERE

    A combination of gentle stretching, meditation and breathwork to relax the nervous system and elevate your mindset to build confidence in and out of the water. In this 60 minute class, you’ll focus on the art of intentional inhaling and exhaling. You’ll not only increase lung capacity but also build up resilience in and out of the water leaving you feeling fresh and increasing your general quality of life.


    Single Class AED 110

    • only to be used for the day within the week that it was bought

    5 Class Packs - AED 495

    • Class packs are redeemable for Surf Flow and Surf Sanctuary classes only. Non transferable, please reserve classes with Surf House reception.
    • Validity: 3 months

    10 Class Packs - AED 900 

    • Class packs are redeemable for Surf Flow and Surf Sanctuary classes only. Non transferable, please reserve classes with Surf House reception.
    • Validity: 6 months

    Hale Noa : Your authentic Maldivian surf retreat

    Hale Noa : Your authentic Maldivian surf retreat

    Escape to a haven of authenticity at our Hale Noa surf retreat, where the rhythmic crashing of waves meets the tranquility of a small lush garden. Immerse yourself in the authentic Maldivian island culture while enjoying all modern amenities of our cozy and freshly renovated accommodation. Whether you're catching waves or unwinding in the serene garden, every moment promises an authentic and rejuvenating experience.

    More about Hale Noa

    Pronounced : Ha lay Noa 

    Hawaiian translation : “House without taboo or the free house”.

    The common house where family members rest, sleep and fellowship together. The only traditional Hawaiian house where men and women mixed freely together.

    Hale Noa is locally referred to as a ‘homestay’. It is a fully equiped private home perfect for families and groups of friends. Nestled on the pristine shores of the idyllic Thulusdhoo island, our guest house offers an unforgettable experience that combines relaxation, adventure, and unmatched natural.

    An unparalleled beachfront location : Our guest house boasts a prime beachfront location, granting you unparalleled access to the crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life of the Maldives. Powdery white sands and amazing waves just steps from your room.

    Comfort and tranquillity : Our well-appointed rooms provide a cosy oasis where you can unwind after a day of exploring the island's treasures. We’ve curated our villa mixing bohemian Bali beach vibes with a clean natural Scandinavian aesthetic giving you a warm feeling the moment you arrive. Our two bedrooms are designed with comfort in mind, offering modern amenities and plenty of charging points. Relax in your private garden with a coffee, listening to the sounds of tropical birds and letting the sea breeze wash over you.

    Adventures await : Thulusdhoo is a paradise for water enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. Whether you're a seasoned surfer chasing the perfect wave, a snorkelling enthusiast eager to discover colourful coral reefs, or simply seeking to soak up the sun on pristine beaches, our guest house is the ideal base for your Maldivian escapades.


    Local cuisine and warm hospitality : Indulge your taste buds in the flavours of Maldivian cuisine at at the many walking distance restaurants. There are over 20 restaurants to choose from, offering both local and international cuisines.

    Make lifetime memories : Whether you're traveling with friends, family, or seeking a romantic getaway, our guest house in Thulusdhoo promises an experience you'll cherish forever. From the stunning sunsets
    that paint the skies to the underwater wonders waiting to be explored, every moment here is a memory waiting to be made.

    Book your stay at Hale Noa and embark on a journey to paradise. Discover the magic of this tropical haven and let us provide you with a stay that's as remarkable as the destination itself.

    Please email us at or click HERE for further information.

    The Last Frontier : Surfing Omani Pristine Coastline

    The Last Frontier : Surfing Omani Pristine Coastline

    Embark on the ultimate road trip adventure from the buzzing Dubai to the untamed beauty of the Sultanate of Oman, where deserted peeling waves await. The journey itself is a mesmerizing blend of desert dunes, rugged mountains, and coastal vistas.
    Your destination? The Arabian Peninsula’s untouched coastline, a hidden gem for surfers seeking solitude and epic waves.

    Pack your board, hit the road, and prepare for the surf trip of a lifetime from Dubai to the Sultanate of Oman. With each wave you catch and every mile you travel, you’ll discover the true essence of this hidden surfers’ paradise.

    For more information, please click HERE


    A Surf Adventure in Southern Sri Lanka

    A Surf Adventure in Southern Sri Lanka

    If you're dreaming of catching the perfect wave against a backdrop of palm-fringed beaches and crystal-clear waters, then look no further than southern Sri Lanka. Join us on an exhilarating journey as we dive into the waves and soak up the sun of this tropical paradise.

    Imagine waking up to the sound of waves crashing against the shore, the salty breeze gently rustling the curtains of your private villa. Nestled on a lush garden overlooking the Indian Ocean, our luxurious retreat offers not only breathtaking ocean views but also a serene swimming pool, where you can cool off after a day of surfing.

    But that's not all – our villa comes with a team of dedicated staff ready to cater to your every need. From cooking up delicious local cuisine to arranging surf lessons and excursions, they ensure that your stay is nothing short of perfection. So sit back, relax, and let us take care of the rest.

    Now, onto the main event – the surf! Southern Sri Lanka is renowned for its world-class surf spots, and we're here to experience them firsthand. Just a stone's throw away from our villa, we have access to some of the most incredible breaks in the region.

    First up, we have the iconic waves of Mirissa, a paradise for both beginners and experienced surfers alike. With its consistent swells and sandy bottom, it's the perfect spot to hone your skills or simply ride the waves with friends.

    Next, we venture to the laid-back town of Ahangama, home to the famous stilt fishermen and some seriously epic surf breaks. Whether you're carving up the waves at Coconut Point or testing your mettle at Rams, you're in for an unforgettable ride.

    And let's not forget about the hidden gems waiting to be discovered along the coastline – from the pristine shores of Hiriketiya to the secluded bays of Tangalle, there's no shortage of surf adventures to be had.

    After a day of chasing waves and soaking up the sun, we return to our villa for some well-deserved relaxation. Picture yourself sipping on a refreshing cocktail by the pool, the sky ablaze with hues of orange and pink as the sun sets over the horizon.

    As the evening draws to a close, we gather around the dinner table to feast on a sumptuous spread of Sri Lankan delicacies prepared by our talented chefs. From mouthwatering seafood curries to fragrant rice and spicy sambols, each dish is a true culinary delight.

    With our bellies full and our hearts content, we retire to our luxurious bedrooms for a restful night's sleep, ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

    So, are you ready to embark on the surf trip of a lifetime? Click HERE ! Pack your bags, grab your board, and join us in southern Sri Lanka for an unforgettable adventure on the waves.

    See you in paradise!



    Sailing into surfing paradise : A Maldives adventure

    Sailing into surfing paradise : A Maldives adventure


    Cast away your cares and embark on the ultimate surf odyssey in the Maldives with Blue Horizon. Join us as we set sail on a voyage of discovery, navigating pristine waters, chasing perfect waves, and immersing ourselves in the natural wonders of this island paradise.

    Aboard Horizon II
    Step aboard Horizon II, your gateway to adventure in the Maldives. With surfboards stacked and spirits high, we set sail into the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean, eager to explore the wonders that await us.

    Surfing South Male's best breaks
    Prepare to be mesmerized as we journey to the legendary surf spots of North & South Male Atoll. From the hollow barrels of Honky's to the peeling perfection of Chickens, each wave offers an exhilarating ride for surfers of all levels. With expert guides leading the way, we carve through turquoise tubes, feeling the pulse of the ocean beneath our feet. The surf dhoni tender has a surf rack and provides surf from sunrise to sunset with a local guide to support you in the water.

    Island hopping
    Swap your surfboard for a snorkel as we embark on an island-hopping adventure like no other. With Blue Horizon as our floating oasis, we explore secluded beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and crystal-clear lagoons teeming with marine life. As the sun sets, we gather around crackling bonfires on sandy shores, indulging in mouthwatering barbecues and sharing tales of our aquatic escapades.

    Fishing and sunset bliss
    Experience the thrill of the chase as we cast our lines into the sunset-lit waters, seeking the bounty of the deep blue sea. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice fisherman, the Maldives offers a paradise for all. And as the day draws to a close, we bask in the golden glow of the setting sun, reflecting on the beauty and tranquility of this magical archipelago.

    As our surf trip with Blue Horizon comes to an end, we bid farewell to the Maldives with hearts full of gratitude and memories that will last a lifetime. From epic surf sessions to enchanting island explorations, our journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. So until we meet again, may the waves be endless, the adventures boundless, and the spirit of the ocean forever guide our souls.

    Click HERE for a lifetime adventure !


    August 24 - September 03, 2024 : Male / Huvadhoo

    September 15 - 25, 2024 : Huvadhoo

    October 07 - 17, 2024 : Huvadhoo

    October 18 - 28, 2024 : Huvadhoo

    October 29 - November 08, 2024 : Huvadhoo 

    ⚠️ Group booking : Buy 5, get 1 free of charge ! (applicable only for 2024)

    ⚠️ A 30% has been applied to all individual bookings

    ⚠️ Possibility to shorten any trip to 7 days (For an additional boat transfer fee)



    March 03 - 13, 2025 : Huvadhoo

    April 05 - 15, 2025 : Huvadhoo

    April 16 - 26, 2025 : Huvadhoo

    April 27 - May 07, 2025 : Huvadhoo

    May 17 - 27, 2025 : Central atolls 

    May 28 - June 07, 2025 : Central atolls 

    ⚠️ Possibility to shorten any trip to 7 days (For an additional boat transfer fee) 



    • Tiger stripes
    • Antiques
    • Love charms
    • Twin peaks
    • Five islands
    • Blue bowls
    • Beacons
    • Madaveli
    • Kafena
    • Thinadhoo
    • Castaway  


    • Tombstones
    • Jailbreaks 
    • Honkeys 
    • Sultans 
    • Pasta point
    • Ninjas 
    • Lohis 
    • Cokes
    • chickens 


    • Gurus 
    • Tuckey joes 
    • Quarters 
    • foxys
    • Riptides
    • Kandooma
    • Adonis 
    • Mikado
    • Finnimas
    • Malik’s 
    • Bowling alley
    • Mushrooms 
    • F1 right
    • Refugee’s 
    • Ying Yang and many more !


    📌 Please email us at for information, quotes and updates.