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    Surf House x Goumbook Beach Clean Up powered by Breitling

    Surf House x Goumbook Beach Clean Up powered by Breitling

    Our campaign "Save The Butts - waste to value" is a unique initiative aimed at promoting awareness about plastic pollution and ocean conservation, as well as encouraging behavioral change.

    "Save the Butts - Waste to Value" is the first sustainability initiative run in the UAE that adopts a Circular Economy approach to environmental pollution, by converting discarded cigarette butts into a sustainable alternative to plywood.

    Engaging with community members to clean the environment by collectign cigarette butts from public and private locations, showing the value of their impact. 

    In an interactive way, Save the Butts equips participants with the mindset and tools to tackle a real-world problem in a sustainable way.

    The campaign started in February 2022 and since then it has been educating and engaging people on the importance of protecting the last natural surfing beach in Dubai, as well as all the beaches around the world.
    With the help of our quarterly #SaveTheButts campaign, we are determined to make a difference and keep the beach clean for future generations to enjoy. Join us on 10th February 2023 from 3:00 - 4:30 pm for our very first #BeachCleanUp of the year and be a part of this positive change. Let's work together to turn waste into value and preserve the beauty of our ocean and beaches.

    VENUE: SUNSET BEACH (Jumeirah Open Public Beach)

    TIME: 3:00 - 4:30PM


    The Beach Clean Up will start with the Meet Up to have a bit of briefing on what we are going to do for the duration of the clean up. To join, each participant is kindly asked to register and e-sign on the liability forms with the links below:

    Registration link click HERE 

    Liability registration link click HERE 

    Majestic Flavours Philippines

    Majestic Flavours Philippines

    The start of the year always brings us an abundance of energy for things to look forward to and this 2023, Surf House Dubai and Single Fin Dubai brings you a one of a kind experience with art, music, film and bites. On January 8th, 2023 we are having our first ever Filipino weekend with guests that will tantalize not just your taste buds, but most if not all your senses. 



    *Ticket includes the 5 set menu from the Kitchen Takeover



    For the first time ever, we’re doing a kitchen takeover of Single Fin and we’re bringing you the renowned celebrity chef JP Anglo from Kooya Filipino Eatery
    Chef JP Anglo, a Filipino chef from the Visayan region of the Philippines, has been known for his advocacy to push “Filipino Food Forward.” His contemporary Filipino restaurants Sarsa located in Manila, Philippines and Kooya Filipino Eatery in Dubai, shows a glimpse of his personality— modern, playful but deeply rooted and soulful. 
    Though a culinary graduate of the Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney, Australia and the Center for Culinary Arts in the Philippines, Chef JP has honed his skill from years of running his restaurants and doing collaborations with different Chefs around the world. He has represented the country in the world renowned food congress, the San Sebastián Gastronomika in 2019.
    Aside from his restaurants, Chef JP is known in the Philippines for his travel cooking show on CNN, Hungry with Chef JP and as one of the judges on Masterchef Philippines. Today, you can watch Chef JP’s cooking and food adventures on his social media platforms.

    (IG: @chefjayps | @kooyafilipinoeatery)


    Shrimp Lumpia
    -Papaya salad, Coriander vinegar

    -Lamb, roasted capsicum, tomato, halloumi

    Lechon manok
    -Inasal gravy, leeks, annatto

    -Garlic, annatto

    Peach Mango Pie


    A series of art, photography and film will be showcased during the day with dubai based Filipino-Lebanese graphic artist Nassib Azar, Filipino Surf Photographer Ikoy Valles, a film from Filipino Videographer and Filmmaker Leomore Morana and some Filipino Surf films to be featured from My Life on Board and Dandoy Tongco


    Nassib Azar (IG: @alon.moj)

    Nassib is an artist, architect, and video game designer based in Dubai. He has his own indie studio, Studio 43:51’, and is currently working on his first title.

    The MIND ART series started as sketches done in between surf sessions while at Surf House Dubai and later
    converted into digital paintings, with unique variations.

    Fresh prints can be requested and bought
    at Surf House Dubai. 


    Ikoy Valles (IG: @kortenijuan)

    Ikoy has lived around the sea his whole life and it has been his playground. He learned through appreciating the sea, the foundation of his environmental awareness started and as a surfer, he felt that in his culture it is their responsibility for taking care of the ocean.

    He discovered his passion for photography when he was in grade school, and it was only in 2015 when he started surf photography. He loves the ocean and he loves taking photos of local surfers while they play. The long hours of battling through the waves was worth it even if he only got a few good stills, and seeing surfers happy with the photos, he already has been well repaid.

    Whether he's out on the water with his camera or editing his latest shot , he constantly pushing the boundaries of his art and striving for excellence in every aspect of his work.

    Leomore Morana (IG: @leomoremorana)

    Leomore’s surfing story started in the southern islands of the Philippines in 2010, when be began surfing and filmmaking surf trips.

    While his fulltime job is as a production manager in real estate here in Dubai, you’ll still catch Leomore surfing and filming at Sunnies. Recently, he has ventured into the art of shaping and glassing boards.

    “There is a lot of ways to surf, as long as you’re smiling, you’re doing it right.”

    Leomore will be showing his film on his recent trip to Puntacaba, Northern Samar, Philippines featuring a Surf event promoting reforestation called "Legal Logging"


    "Ang Dagat Ang Pinagmulan" by Mike Elijansantos of My Life On Board (IG: @mylifeonboard)

    How does a tourism-reliant community survive during lockdown? In San Juan, La Union, a family goes back to their roots: fishing. Set in the surfing capital of the Northern Philippines, “Ang Dagat Ang Pinagmulan” centers on the people and the municipality of San Juan - its history as a fishing village before becoming a tourism hotspot. It tackles not only the shift in the residents’ livelihood when surfing became prominent in the area, but also the changes in its water ecosystem. While exploring the effect of dormant tourism during the pandemic in both the community and the environment, the documentary presses a very important question: Is it possible for both booming tourism and thriving nature to co-exist at the same time?

    Featuring the Jomarie Ebueza, Philippines' current ranked number 1 surf athlete for longboarding.

    "Dandoy" by Christain Rosillo (IG: @christianrosillo | @dandoytongco)

    A film about multi-boardsports athlete turned surfboard shaper Dandoy Tongco. This film from Christian Rosillo takes you to the tale of "Dandoy" and discussing his own experiences originating from a quiet town in Opon, Cebu, Philippines. His means to make a living out of his passion and direct his talents to become one of the representatives for downhill skate brands, win in competitions and use his winnings to put up not just business but also their household and means of living. Watch this artistic film to find out more of his story and be inspired on how passion can be transformed to success. 


    The community has always been stoked whenever we have our Unplugged Sessions, and just continuing from very awesome appreciation of music from you all, we’re bringing back the bands that we all love and rock on with the most. Dubai based Filipino bands and artists will be playing for the event and giving your ears a sensual experience altogether while enjoying your meal. 
    Charlie 119, Merge, The Benedicte and Jedd Peralta will all be headlining for the event. 


    *Ticket includes the 5 set menu from the Kitchen Takeover



    8AM - 2PM : Gallery from Nassib Azar and Ikoy Valles
    3PM - 7PM : Music
    4PM - 5PM : Serving of the Food
    7PM - 8PM : Film Showings


    7AM - 2PM : Regular menu will be served and Normal Operations
    3PM - 8PM : Walk-ins will be entertained with a limited menu of our bestsellers (burgers, tacos, Acai), please note though that seating might not be available as seats will be reserved for those who have availed of the event meal. 


    *Ticket includes the 5 set menu from the Kitchen Takeover

    Paddle Out for World Mental Health Day

    Paddle Out for World Mental Health Day

    • The Paddle Out is a symbolic community event, uniting us to raise awareness for mental health, suicide prevention and ocean conservation. 
    • World Mental Health Day was established by The World Health Organization (WHO) and falls annually. This community event is part of the global efforts of the International Surf Therapy Organization (ISTO), and there will be many paddlers taking part in sister events held worldwide from Australia to California! 
    • Being in the ocean has proven therapeutic value, and surfing and other ocean based activities can increase emotion regulation, social connection, getting into flow state, being present, leaving everyday stress behind on the shore, and the natural release of dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. 
    • Being out in the ocean creates a sense of awe, where we experience the wonder of nature, putting aside day to day stress. 
    • All attendees must sign up individually using the link here
    • Meet at Sunset Beach at 4.30PM on Sunday 9th October 
    • We will get in the water at 5PM and gather paddle out to Burj Al Arab, where we’ll form a circle and take an epic group photo! 
    • Bring your surf board, paddle board, kayak, or body board or even dragon boats! 
    • If you need to hire a board, contact Surf House Dubai on 0505043020
    • Bring your bathing suits, towels and water (in environmentally friendly bottles) snacks and coffee are available for purchase at Surf House until 7PM
    Show your love for ocean conservation by making time for a beach clean up before or after we jump in the water. 


    Surf House Dubai is bringing oceans closer together with the Lebanon Surf Community.
    Join us for a special event on 12/13th November 2022 from 10am - 7pm.

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